Friday, October 28, 2011

#5 Harajuku Lovers Inspired Ring and Earring

Harajuku Lovers: Baby Earring Stud and Ring
Image Detail
Inspired from Harajuku Lovers: Baby


Harajuku Lovers: Baby
Earstuds for RM 15.90RM RM 5
 Ring for RM 16.90 RM 5

#4 Dare to Dream! Rings

Daisy: The Flower of Purity and Innocence

It's only with a pure and innocent heart that one can dream...

Dream Castle

Back View: Ring size adjustable

Don't just build castles in the air. Live it! 

Love Dream

Back View: Ring size adjustable

For at the end of the day, we love to dream because we dream to love. 

Design 1: Daisy (SOLD OUT) 
Design 2: Dream Castle (SOLD OUT)
Design 3: Love Dream (SOLD OUT)

Be a Dare-Dreamer! with RM 16.90 RM 5 each.

#3 Two-Finger Rings

Back View: Ring size adjustable


Scissors, Rock and Paper!

Back View: Rings fit most finger sizes

All time classics: Scissors, Rock and Paper!
Now you'll have extra hands to win the game! :D

Design 1: Peace (SOLD OUT)
Design 2: Scissors, Rock and Paper! (SOLD OUT)

Double the ring, Double the coolness!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

#2 Vintage Owl Rings

From Left: Owl You Need Is Love, Still Wide Awake, Playful Wink
         Cuckoo cuckoo! 

Back View: Ring size adjustable

Design 1: Owl You Need Is Love (SOLD OUT)
Design 2: Still Wide Awake (Even during the day) (SOLD OUT)
Design 3: Playful Wink (SOLD OUT)

Simply Owl-egant

Back View: Ring size adjustable

Design 4: Simply Owl-egant (Bronze) (SOLD OUT)

#1 Lovely Handkerchiefs

Hankies imported from Thailand!
Three Little Pigs
Retro Blue
Russian Dolls
Red Polka
Design 1: Three Little Pigs (SOLD OUT)
Design 2: Blue Retro (SOLD OUT)
Design 3: Russian Dolls  (SOLD OUT)
Design 4: Red Polka  (SOLD OUT)

RM 6 RM 3 each.

A big WHY you should get one of these.
Because with these, you can go green and use less tissues in a trendy way!